Module 3- Origins of Dissociation in Childhood Abuse and Neglect

Course Three - Foundation Level

Before doing this course you are strongly recommended to complete our Courses 1 and 2 in sequence.  There are discounts for purchasing more than one course at a time.

This course 3 provides significant insight into the internal world of the child and adolescent who is dissociative.  The theoretical aspects of child dissociation are presented. The primary development of the self of the child enables the participant to understand the essential needs in the infant and young child for the necessary nurture and attachment.  Without these, trauma might occur, which might lead to significant dissociation in the child.  The course allows the child’s voice to be heard and enables the participant to gain a better understanding of the child’s subjective experiences of dissociation.

It consists of seven units of approximately 20 to 40 minutes each.  On completion a certificate for 5 hours of CPD can be downloaded.

Presented by Dr Renée Marks,  Consultant Therapist and Clinical Lead at the National Centre for Children with Complex Trauma and Dissociation (Integrate Families).

Unit 1 – Introduction 

Unit 2 – Development of the self 

Unit 3 -Theory: Attachments & Family System

Unit 4 – Theory: Neurobiology & Dissociation

Unit 5 – Dissociation

Unit 6 – Impact of Dissociation & Metaphors 

Unit 7 – Case discussions