Standard Enrolment

General standard enrolment

This enrolment page is for anyone who is not eligible for one of our discounted fee rates.  Discounted rates are only available for ESTD/FPP members and for residents of certain eligible Eastern European countries.

If you are eligible for  one of these discounted rates do not use this page to enrol.  Instead click the relevant link in the green strip menu above to be taken to your appropriate enrolment page.

The full standard enrolment fee for each individual course will be charged when enrolling using this current page.  However, there are discounts available for enrolling on more than one course in a single transaction using the discount codes on this page.

Discount Codes

  • If you are an individual subscribing to more than one course in one transaction you can use the appropriate discount code from the list  below during the check out process to get your multi-purchase discount.

10% discount for enrolling on two courses  = Book2

15% discount for enrolling on three courses = Book3

20% discount for enrolling on four courses = Book4

How to enrol

You must have pop-ups enabled in your browser settings.  Click here for instructions on how to do this for different browsers.  Enrolment give you 12 months access to your chosen course(s) from the date of enrolment.

On the right of this page  the currently available courses are displayed.  Select your course(s) by clicking on the ADD TO CART button(s) which appears below each course.  Your CART will appear as a pop-up window.    If you are subscribing to more than one course  select your further courses from this page, before clicking CHECKOUT button in the pop-up window.  Only when you have finished selecting all the course(s) you wish to subscribe to at this time should you click CHECKOUT.  Then complete the information asked for in the pop-up including your payment card details.  See below left for appropriate discount codes which may apply.  If applicable these discount codes should be entered during the check out process before making payment.

NHS and other organisations

  • We offer generous bulk purchase discounts for NHS or other bona fide organisations wishing to book 10 or more participants onto all four of our online courses.  For example 10 seats can be purchased for the equivalent of 50% discount on individual members prices, and the discounts increase for 20, and 30 seats; with a massive 80% reduction on individual prices if 50 or more seats are purchased.  These discounts are  available on application and only if all four courses are to be purchased in one transaction.  For further details of pricing and how to apply see here.

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