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Foundation, Post-Foundation Courses, and Seminars facilitated by professional trainers, who are highly-experienced clinicians and experts-by-experience can be commissioned to run in-house.  Below are details of our standard foundation and post foundation courses which are each 4-day courses usually run over 2 x 2 day periods a month apart, but we can be flexible to fit your requirements.  Please contact us to enquire further about these or any bespoke training you require on complex dissociation and related issues.


Understanding & Working with Complex Dissociation Foundation Course

This is a Foundation level course consisting of 4 full days run as 2 x 2 day units one month apart.  Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria:-  Professionally qualified psychotherapist/counsellor/clinical psychologist/other psychological therapist or other recognised qualification for working therapeutically with people who have mental health problems.  At least basic knowledge and understanding of trauma and its role in the development of a wide range of mental / emotional health problems.

Participants must attend all four days of the course.

Working Therapeutically with Complex Traumatic Dissociation Post-Foundation Course

This Post-Foundation course is a follow-on to the Foundation level course below.  It too consists of 4 full days run as 2 x 2 day units one month apart. Participants must attend all four days.  Its purpose is to extend knowledge & explore practice when working in a therapeutic role with complex traumatic dissociation, with a specific focus on dissociative identity and the similar conditions.  Eligibility criteria include:- Professionally qualified psychotherapist/counsellor/clinical psychologist/other psychological therapist. At least one year’s experience of and currently (or recently) working therapeutically with one or more client/patient who has a complex trauma-related dissociative condition. i.e. dissociative identity disorder or similar. Ability to share problematic issues arising from their own practice.

Prior attendance on the ESTD-UK 4 Day Foundation Course or other equivalent CPD.